About Matt

Matt Pitzer and his wife and two sons

I've lived in Ward 5 since moving to Columbia more than 10 years ago. We have put down roots in Columbia, enjoyed its warm and open embrace and developed a network of hopefully life-long relationships.

Like many of you, we stay because we recognize what has made Columbia special: its sense of community, quality of life, economic opportunity, strong public schools and deep appreciation of the importance of arts and culture in everyday life.

My wife and I and our two children (at Jefferson Middle School and Lee Expressive Arts Elementary) enjoy being part of that community every day.

Professional Life

In my professional life, I am a portfolio manager at one of Columbia's major employers, Shelter Insurance. I serve on the city's Police Retirement Board, which safeguards police officers' pensions. I am also the finance chair and serve on the executive committee of the board of the Missouri Humanities Council.

I'm running for city council to make sure Columbia remains strong and vibrant for my children and for every other family that plants its roots here.