Find Your Polling Place

Find your polling place listed on your voter identification card or using the Boone County Clerk's tool below:


How to vote on april 4

Go to your polling place on April 4, between 6am and 7pm, with your voter ID card or another acceptable form of ID.

Acceptable forms of identification in Boone County include:

  • Voter ID card (from Boone County)
  • Driver's License (MO or another state)
  • ID card from a state agency (like a University employee ID, state employee ID, WIC card, non-drivers ID, birth certificate)
  • Identification card issued by an institution of higher education within the state of Missouri (university, college, vocational school ID)
  • Passport, Social Security Card, Medicaid or Medicare card
  • A current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or other government document that has your name AND address

For more information, see the Boone County Clerk's FAQ page.